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Extra extra!

Extras to make your stay an unforgettable moment

desayuno en la cama

break fast in the room

Start the day with energy.

Have breakfast in your room or

take breakfast to the garden

and enjoy the magnificent views.

€8- person

Basket km0

Let yourself be surprised by us.

We will prepare for you a pikoteo with Bermean essence.

A little of the garden in season...

some good preserves...

a Txakoli from Bizkaia.....

And a dessert to finish!

€30 -2 people

Carne y queso
Picnic en el jardín

Txakoli with its glasses

Sit in the garden and listen to the birds

leave your mind blank

take a sip from the glass in your hand

Just perfect!


Late Check-out

Too many alarms during the week?

Do you know that the sheets are going to stick to you?

As long as the occupation allows us

you can extend your departure time

€10/ per hour

Mujer en la cama
Productos de spa



an experience of beauty, 0 plastic

ecologically conscious and sustainable

We will have everything ready upon your arrival ;)

€10 pack

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