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Asitxo is a typical farm house of the Basque Country.

Modern Baserris are constructions dating back more than 500 years although the origin dates back to late Roman times.

Much more than a house, they were originally home to both the family and farm animals.

Baserris combined life and work.

Forest + village= BASERRIA


20 years ago, on a family excursion we stumbled upon this farmhouse, it was love at first sight, we knew it would become our home. At that moment a new stage began, a new way of life for our family.
We renovated the house respecting the local architecture and structure, keeping comfort and simplicity in mind.
Carefully restoring the objects inherited from a lifetime.


ASITXO is a small accommodation, with capacity for 8 to 12 people, distributed in 4 rooms for private use.
Kitchen, living room and huge garden with the Bay of Biscay in the background are common spaces where you can relax or share experiences with other travellers.
Location of the owner's home: Same building with independent access.

   In ASITXO you breathe tranquility, without noise, without television.
Dare to enjoy the stay, turn off the internet and play with your family,  talk with your companions or with other travelers while you enjoy a Txakoli, have breakfast in the garden overlooking Cape Ogoño, read that book you had parked under the walnut tree or simply lie down to sunbathe and fill yourself with energy.

  We have thought it appropriate to limit the age, so that the youngest will be welcome
    from 10 years always respecting  the tranquility that inspires the place.
         By renting the whole house you can come with the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.


Bedrooms  bright, with wooden floors, bright colors and  thick walls.
In them you will not find television, but calm, comfort and rest. Get away from problems, forget your day-to-day life, disconnect in our Baserri surrounded by rich nature, where the sea and the mountains merge.

     Book the room that best suits your needs.

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