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BASOA+HERRIA= BASERRIA                  
  Forest+town = BASERRIA

Asitxo is a typical Baserri of Euskal Herria.
Modern Baserris are constructions from more than 500 years ago
although the origin dates back to the late Roman period.

Much more than a house, they were originally a home

both family and farm animals.
The Baserris combined life and work.

25 years ago , on a family outing we stumbled upon this Baserria,
It was love at first sight, we knew it would become our home.

At that moment a new stage began,
a new way of life for our family

We renovated the house respecting the native architecture and structure,
taking into account comfort and simplicity.

Carefully restoring objects inherited from a lifetime.




ASITXO is a small accommodation,
with capacity for 10-15 people,
distributed in 5 rooms for private use.
Living room and immense garden with the Bay of Bizkaia in the background
They are common spaces
where you can relax or
Share experiences with other travelers.

Location of the owner's home: Same building, independent access

At ASITXO you can breathe tranquility,
no noise, no television.

Dare to enjoy your stay, turn off the internet and play with your family,
chat with companions or other travelers
while you enjoy a Txakoli,
have breakfast in the garden observing Cape Ogoño,
Under the walnut tree read that book that you had parked or

Just lie down and sunbathe and fill yourself with energy.

    We have thought it appropriate to limit the age, so the youngest will be welcome
      from 12 years old, alwaysrespecting the tranquility that the place inspires.

  By renting the entire house you can come with the whole family, from the little ones to the older ones


If we want to conserve our planet, it is essential to take care of our environment and be responsible for its care.

This is why we appreciate attention to everyday details.

For our part:

  • We have a tank where we store rainwater for irrigation.

  • We change the towels every 2 days, or more if you prefer.

  • Sheet changes are made every 3-4 days, for stays of 7 nights or more. 

Collaborate with our ecological and sustainable conscience with small gestures such as:

  • Close the windows when the heating is on.

  • Turn off the water while you clean your teeth.

  • Close the access door to the rural house.

  • Recycle used packaging.

  • Turn off the light in your room when leaving home.

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