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If we want to topreserve our planet, it is essential to take care of our environment and be responsible for its care.

This is why we appreciate the attention paid to everyday details.

Our part:

  • We have a big tank where we store rainwater for irrigation.

  • Towels are changed every 2 days, or more if you prefer.

  • Linen is changed every 3-4 days, for stays of 7 nights or more.

Collaborate with our ecological and sustainable conscience with small gestures such as:

  • Closing the windows when the heating is on.

  • Turning off the water while cleaning your teeth.

  • Close the main door.

  • Recycle used pakaging.

  • Turn off the light in your room when you leave the house.

This is the anti-Covid protocol 

to guarantee safety at ASITXO


Below we explain the service conditions and prevention measures established in Asitxo

We hope you will read and agree to respect and carry out what is in your hands.

Thank you very much,


keeping safety distance and extreme hygiene and cleaning measures are the general rule to be applied in each of the areas of hotels and tourist establishments, after their reopening, in order to avoid Covid-19 infections.


staff measures and cleanliness:

  • We have placed posters with the preventive measures implemented and the guidelines to be followed.

  • The maximum capacity is limited. This may vary depending on new laws and limitations.

  • We have hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance, as well as a disinfectant mat.

  • We use a mask when cleaning.

  • A non-contact thermometer is available for random checks among customers.

  • Payments will be made by card or other electronic means and we will disinfect the POS after each use in where there is contact.

  • We disinfect work-related items frequently throughout the working day.

  • Use of disinfectant cleaning products under specific safety conditions.

  • Daily ventilation of common use areas and dormitories where customers have been present. 

In the rooms:

  • We have reduced the use of textiles, blankets and pillows in wardrove, also decorative objects.

  • The waste bin of the bathroom must and has a lid non-manual operation.

  • Carpets and curtains are steam cleaned after each use.

  • Room keys are disinfected at the end of the stay.


Customer measurements:

  • Each client must fill in the client's information for registration. The document to be filled in with the information of each adult, over 16 years of age, is provided in the accommodation.

  • Arrival will be from after 3:00 p.m., respecting the necessary cleaning and disinfection time.

  • Masks will be used in common areas whenever we cannot respect the distances.

  • Disinfect / wash hands frequently.

  • keep a safe distance in common areas, avoiding the simultaneous use of the corridor.

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