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If you are looking for a self- catering accommodation to organize a getaway for active sports, yoga, Christmas or spent a few days with your family in the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve   this is your option.

If you rent the whole house you can come with the whole family, from younget to the oldest.


Remember: this is a rural and quiet neighborhood and we want to keep it that way.

If you can't be sure of maintaining it calm, we are not your best option.

Interested? Here is a summari of the rules and conditions.

location of the owner's home: Same building with independent access .

Civility, respect  for the environment, calm, nature, cleanliness and order of the house.

We do not accept reservations of underage.

Parties are not allowed.

Check-in : From 15:00

Check-out : Before 11:00,

Cleaning of the rooms and common areas included.

Advance payment 25% of the reservation.

Deposit: 200€ in cash on arrival

The client will be responsible for any damage caused by negligence or misuse and the costs of its replacement.

A deposit of 200€ in cash will be requested on arrival, which will be returned once the final cleaning  by Bizúm, by bank transfer or in cash.

Rules of use and coexistence:

1. The rural house has a capacity of 8 people, being able to accommodate more people in sofa beds or extra beds and is equped with facilities, spaces and furniture according to capacity.

2. Respect, at all times, for the calm and rest, as well as coexistence with the neightborhood. For this reason, parties are not allowed.

3. Due to current regulations, it is not permitted for unregistered outsiders to visit the guesthouse or the garden. 

4. Be careful in the consumption of electricity, heating, water, as well as the security of the building and rooms.

Make sure that the entrance door and windows are properly closed, especially when leaving, just as you would do in your own home.

5. It is forbidden to leave garbage in the house, garden or on the street next to the entrance door. Throw your garbage bags in the container about 100 meters from the door of the house.

6. Respect the furnishing and facilities of the property. We want all our guests, as well as you, to find maximum comfort and cleanliness.

7. The use of any type of pyrotechnic material (firecrackers, flares, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

8. The improper use will not give the right to any claim, on the contrary, in case of any damage caused by improper use; this assumes the responsibility and will have to pay the total cost of the repair that was necessary.

9. In the event of evidence of VANDALISM, NOISE, COMPLAINS FROM NEIGHBOURS or IMPRUDENT USE of the property and its furnishings, the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental contract at any time, and tenants must leave the property immediately.

10. The OWNER reserves the right to refuse or cancel stays that do not comply with the rules of coexistence, at any time and without the possibility of reimbursement.

11. The OWNER is not responsible for the personal belongings left in the property by the CLIENTS, as well as for the objects that they may have forgotten.

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